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Elevated Water Dish Holder: Perch Mounted


Allows you to provide an elevated water source for your animals.  

This option will mount directly to schedule 40 PVC Pipe Perches or other perches with similar diameters.  Comes in three size options:  1/2", 3/4", and 1" diameters.

Must be used with bolt on perch holders only. Cannot be used with magnetic perch holders.

Holds standard 8 oz Deli cups.  Less dishes to clean and helps ensure you are providing fresh clean water on a more regular basis. You can order Deli Cups online by clicking HERE

Also note that all items are made to order.  Typically most items will be completed and shipped within 7 to 14 days after ordering (usually less than that).  If there is a considerable amount in the queue we will let you know the approximate wait time.

Not dishwasher safe.  The high heat in a dishwasher will warp the plastic.

Perch Diameter:
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