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External Magnet Holder (Single) ((Glass or Plastic Enclosures))


Disclaimer and Warning:

Specialty Enclosure Designs will not be held responsible for any physical/personal damage or property damage that results from handling the magnets used with these perch holders. Be warned that the magnets you will purchase from Amazon are extremely strong and will break your enclosure, or hurt you if you do not use extreme caution while handling. You have been warned!!! Again…by purchasing the Magnetic Perch Holders from Specialty Enclosure Designs you agree and understand the risks involved and you will take full responsibility if you are injured or you damage anything else with their use!!

Product Details:

  • This is an external holder for the magnet that will be on the outside of your enclosure. It is designed to fit a specific 1” cube magnet that you will need to acquire from Amazon.com. Clink on this link to go to Amazon to buy your cube magnets: Magnet Link

  • Includes 1 friction pad

  • Comes is several colors options: Black, White, Green, Brown, and Blue.

  • Reminder this is 1 piece of a system…make sure you have all the other pieces to complete a perch holder set. In order to set up a single perch in your enclosure you will need 2 External Magnet Holders, 2 internal magnet holders, and 1 pair of slip-on perch holders. Make sure you order all the necessary pieces!

Also note that all items are made to order.  Typically most items will be completed and shipped within 7 to 14 days after ordering (usually less than that).  If there is a considerable amount in the queue we will let you know the approximate wait time.

Not dishwasher safe.  The high heat in a dishwasher will warp the plastic.

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External Mag Holder 1.JPG
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