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Large Cambro, Choice, or Rubbermaid Polycarb Box Perch Brackets with Cup Holder Mount


For the Large Cambro, Rubbermaid or Choice Brand Polycarbonate Food tubs that are 18" x 26" x 15". This particular bracket includes a special mount for the wall mounted dish holders we offer ( sold separately here ).

Price is for a single bracket.

- Simply bolt on one of our wall mount water dish holders.  Hardware not included.

- Allows you to use elevated water dishes.  Holds standard 8 oz Deli Cups.

- These are roughly 1/2" in width/diameter. This allows you to have a steady perching system that will have smaller widths/diameters than standard 1/2" PVC pipe. To compare 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC has anoutside diameter of .89". I can even make some that are narrower or wider if you want something other than this.

- They cannot rotate and accidentally injure your animals.

- Each has a rounded top for the animals to rest on in comfort.

- They are recessed by 2" and provide more clearance from the top of the box. This provides more headroom for the occupants. The pipes that you supply actually create a little "shelf" on both sides of the tub as another perching option.

- They are adjustable. You can space them close together, far apart, or add more than two per tub.

-They simply slide on 1/2" PVC pipe and you can anchor in place using the screw holes that are built into the design. The pipes rest on the tub's built in corner ledges.

- These can be used for numerous species of animals that perch all the time or want the option to do so occasionally. Chondros, Amazon Tree Boas, Emerald tree Boas, Candoia, Carpets, Scrubs etc. etc. etc.

- They will fit in the clear or white Cambro tubs.
- They come in White, Black, Brown, Green, or Blue. You can get colored PVC pipe from Home Depot or Formufit.

Cost is $12 each plus shipping. You supply the 1/2" PVC Pipes.


Also note that all items are made to order.  Typically most items will be completed and shipped within 7 to 14 days after ordering (usually less than that).  If there is a considerable amount in the queue we will let you know the approximate wait time.

Not dishwasher safe.  The high heat in a dishwasher will warp the plastic.

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